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Personalised training programs


Personalised Training Programs


Triathlon equipementAt Multisport Consultants we are only too familiar with the amount of equipment, knowledge and information required to participate in the sport of Triathlon and Ironman. There are so many aspects to understand and digest such as health, nutrition, terminology and technique to name but a few.

By engaging the services of Multisport Consultants and benefiting from a personalised training program will not only see you improve in the sport in leaps and bounds but will also provide you with a wealth of knowledge, confidence and moral support.

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A personalised training program allows us to oversee your development as an athlete and we offer the following training program categories (click on a link below to view pricing structure):

- 12 Week Training Program
- Sprint / Olympic Distance Triathlon

- 70.3 Triathlon / Half Ironman Distance
- Ironman Performance

In addition to providing a training program specifically written for you as an individual, Multisport Consultants will provide advice and guidance on :

bikes, bike shoes, bike kit and helmet, training aids (wind trainer), wetsuits if required, tri suits (race suits), race belts, running shoes, drink belts, swimming aids (kickboards, paddles), swim caps, goggles and heart rate monitor. It can certainly be an expensive process kitting yourself up for triathlon, and your bike will be your most important and expensive purchase so you want to make sure you get it right!

Rehydration after excercise is very importantNutrition
Many athletes train well, however do not understand the impact and importance of good nutrition whilst training and racing. Nutrition does not limit itself to eating well. All athletes, especially Triathletes, need to be well hydrated and increase intake of carbohydrates and iron. Advice and guidance on what to eat and when, such as before, during and after training will have a huge effect on your lifestyle overall. You will find yourself recovering quicker, sleeping better, training and racing faster once you start following the right nutritional advice.

You may well thinking exercising regularly, eating and drinking well will keep you fit and healthy. However, your body requires so much more to keep it in top shape and avoid running your immune system down. Regular stretching, resting after long training sessions, sports massage to encourage recovery after racing/hard training sessions and regular strength training will all assist in maintaining a healthy constitution! This is not to say you will avoid injury, as it is common place in triathlon for many athletes to develop overuse injuries such as back pain, sore shoulders from swimming and shin splints from running!

Prepare for competition by racingRacing
We will provide advice and information on the best way to prepare for races, mentally and physically, how to taper for a race, what and when to eat, race warm up information and how to tackle transitions.

Part of the process of progressive overload/recovery will also involve testing yourself in regular time trials in all disciplines so we can see how you (and us) are performing. If anything we will enable you to at times dig deeper than you thought possible. Don’t set unrealistic goals at the start, it’s better starting with smaller goals and gradually work your way towards a major goal.

Click here to find out more about each of the more standardised training programs we have available at Multisport Consultants alternatively If you feel you may require a more specific/personalised training program, please contact Multisport Consultants for more details.

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